Tuesday 12th May 2015


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the above Council held on Tuesday 12th May 2015 at Aston Chapel at 7.30 p.m.

Present:          J. Batho (Chairman), J.G. Parkin (Vice Chairman), A.G. Lawrence (Clerk), Mrs J. Sweeney, C. Lloyd, E. Forshaw, Mrs J. Fenton, J. Barker, Ms R. Spalding, R. Hibbert, and two members of the public

The Chairman in opening the meeting welcomed all to the first meeting of the Parish Council following the recent election, with a special welcome to the new members attending for the first time.

  1. Apologies:      Councillor R. Bailey
  1. Declaration of Interest – if a member is present at a meeting of the authority, and they have a disclosable pecuniary in any matter to be considered or being considered at the meeting, they cannot take part in any discussion of the matter at the meeting or vote on it.  They should disclose the interest to the meeting and follow the Council’s Code of Conduct.
  1. Election of new Council
    1. Announcement of Parish Councillors: it was reported that 8 persons have sought election:-
    2. Batho, J.G. Parkin, Mrs J. Sweeney, E. Forshaw, Mrs J. Fenton from the existing Council and J. Barker, R. Hibbert and Ms R. Spalding being new nominations. As such there was no election with one vacancy.
    3. Code of Conduct for Members:  Code of Conduct forms have been distributed to all Parish Councillors, and they were advised that they must follow this Code at all times in relation to Parish Council business.
    4. Declaration of Acceptance of Office: Declaration of Acceptance forms were returned to the Clerk, and he will file these.
    5. General Notice of Registrable Interest: General Notice of Registrable Interest forms were returned to the Clerk, and he will file with Cheshire East Council via the Assoc of Parish Councils.
    6. Co-Option of Vacancy:  On the prop., J. Batho, sec., R. Hibbert, C. Lloyd (past parish Councillor who was unable to complete forms due to being out of the country) was elected to fill the outstanding vacancy.
  1. Election of Officials for 2015
    1. Chairman: J. Batho was re-elected on the prop., of E. Forshaw, sec., J.G. Parkin and unanimously agreed.  The Chairman, J. Batho, completed his Acceptance of Office Form which was given to the Clerk for filing.The Chairman thanked everyone for their great support during the past twelve months which has seen some very difficult challenges in relation to planning, and also the great success of the introduction of a Speed Limit on the A530
    2. Vice Chairman: J.G. Parkin was re-elected on the prop., of Mrs J. Sweeney, sec., C. Lloyd and unanimously agreed.
    3. Planning Committee: all Members as previous on the prop., of Ms R. Spalding, sec., Mrs J. Fenton and unanimously agreed.
    4. Confirmation of representatives of:-
      1. Audlem Burial Board:  J.G. Parkin was confirmed as representative
      2. Consolidated Charities of Parish of Wrenbury: Mrs P. Gregory was confirmed as representative
      3. Representative(s) to Police Cluster Meeting:  J. Batho was confirmed as representative
  1. Minutes of Parish Council held 21st April 2015 were confirmed as a true and correct record on the prop., of E. Forshaw, sec., Mrs J. Sweeney
  1. Matters arising from last minutes:-
    1. Water Burst on A530 – This has been reported to Utd Utilities by the Clerk, now repaired.
    2. Community Speed Watch: further to previous meetings and information sought, the Clerk has now contacted Mr Hartland again, Parishioner from Sound & District Parish Council, as follows:-

“Insurance – yes you would be covered by the Parish Council insurance providing you are able to provide:-

  • Name and addresses of all volunteers
  • Time table of where and when will operate for a 6 month period
  • Risk assessment
  • Method statement of work

Further we have spoken with the Police and they have offered to come to a meeting to explain how everything works and can probably help with the last two items above.

The only other issue from the parish Council perspective is that you can raise enough volunteers (they feel 6) so that the scheme can run for some time on a regular basis.

Let me know if you can meet these criteria and then we can arrange for everyone to get together”.

Mr Hartland has replied and has 5 volunteers to date and a notice to go on the Notice Boards:-

“Dear Adrian,
Good news and please pass my thanks to the Parish Council for their support.
So far I have 5 volunteers but I would obviously like to increase that number.
I believe that the noticeboard by Broomhall Chapel is a parish noticeboard.
Is it possible that a notice asking for volunteers can be placed in there?
Also are there any other noticeboards in the Parish ( Aston ? ) that could be used ?
I have attached a draft notice in anticipation
If you feel any changes to the notice are required please advise.

Best regards Mike”

The Meeting agreed that in principal, Newhall Parish Council would contribute half of the cost with Sound & District Parish Council, providing that there are volunteers who will cover this Parish, and if the Police can identify areas where the CSW can operate too.

 Matters arising from Parish minutes:-

  1. Minutes: the meeting asked the Parish Council to consider displaying the Minutes of meetings on the Notice Boards – see item 9/V below
  2. Dog Fouling: the meeting asked the Parish Council to consider installing another bin at the Wrenbury end of the village. Clerk, via Councillor Bailey has contacted Cheshire East and this has already been installed.
  3. Minor Work & Funding: this was explained to the Meeting by J. Batho
  • The current LAP is changing its format
  • A525 – there will be an extension to the reduced speed limit when entering Audlem – this will extend into this Parish as far as Browns Bank
  • Cross Road – Aston, road markings are worn out and Police have identified this as a problem and will lobby for them to be replaced.

7. Highway matters:

           SID’s now installed on the A530 – question asked as to whether this recorded the number of vehicles exceeding or under the speed limit.  Chairman reported they do not record this information.

–           Concern further expressed over the road by Woodcott Hill Land and the problems for both vehicles and pedestrians when HGV’s have to negotiate this bend.

–           Flooding – in the centre of the village and by White Lodge, Wrenbury Road.  It was reported that blocked drains are the responsibility of the landowner and this can be a huge financial implication.  As such it was not felt that the parish Council shold liaise between the parties but if an issue that  needs resolving they should approach via the appropriate Local Authority.  R. Hibbert offered to make contacts with the Environment Agency and will report back.

  1. Correspondence
    1. Cheshire East Council
      1. Details re Officials to be completed by Clerk and submitted
      2. Scarecrow competition will run at both Nantwich & Cheshire Show’s

2. Councillors – None

3. Parishioners – None

4. Other

  • Clerks & Councils Direct
  • Crewe & Shrewsbury Passenger Assoc Newsletter
  • Peter Bebbington – Chairman, Wrenbury & District Branch RBL“On 31st July 2015 the Wrenbury & District Branch of the Royal British Legion will be marking the 75th anniversary of the death of local man, Sgt. Pilot Frederick William (Fred) Eley who was killed in the Battle of Britain on 31st July 1940.Fred was flying a spitfire on the day that the Luftwaffe were attacking shipping in the Dover area. He was shot down and his plane came down in Folkstone harbour. His body was returned to Wrenbury for a military funeral, fly past and burial in the family grave in Wrenbury churchyard.The Branch will be holding a short graveside ceremony at 11 a.m. On Friday 31st July next when several of Fred’s relatives and representatives of the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust will be present. The invitation is extended to all your parish councillors who would like to attend. If the Chairman would like to lay a wreath perhaps you would let me know so that I can have one available”.

    It was agreed that J.G. Parkin and E. Forshaw will attend, and Clerk to confirm this and book wreath.


  1. Accounts
    1. Income received since last Meeting: None
    2. Accounts paid since last meeting: None
    3. Accounts to pay at meeting:
      1. Aon £327.08
        The Meeting on the advise of the RFO and on the prop., of J. Batho sec., Ms R Spalding agreed that this offered the best cover available.
      2. Audlem Burial Committee – Nil for this year
      3. Aston Cemetery Committee – £150.00
      4. St Andrews – Room Hire x 10 – £200.00
      5. Cheshire Assoc of Local Councils – £195.84
      6. Mid Cheshire Footpath Society – £8.00
      7. Crewe & Shrewsbury Passenger Assoc – £25
      8. Audlem Community First Responders – £100

The above accounts were approved for payment on the prop., of J. Batho sec., Mrs J. Sweeney

IV    Internal Audit  the Clerk/RFO reported that the accounts have been submitted to JDH Business Services, and awaiting return

V    Annual Audit:  as per last Minutes this will take place on 16th June 2015, and the Annual Return will be sent on conclusion of the Internal Audit.  Notice of Audit has been displayed.

 VI   Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities – Local Audit & Accountability Act 2014:

The majority of changes to external audit arrangements and appointments will change with effect from the Financial Year 2017/18.

Local Councils with Income or Expenditure less than 25k p.a. will be exempt from external auditor but will still have an external auditor appointed for the purpose of the exercise of electors’ rights.

In the meantime Smaller Authorities (Newhall Parish Council) are from 1st April 2015 subject to the mandatory publishing requirements of the Transparency Code.

The Smaller Authorities (Transparency Requirements) (England) Regulations 2015/494, which come into force on 1st April 2015, will make compliance with the Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities (“the Code”) issued in December 2014 mandatory for parish councils with a turnover not exceeding £25,000 (Newhall Parish Council).

The detail of the code was set out in NALC Legal Briefing L05-14, which in summary, form 1st July and thereafter not less than annually, and not later than 1st July in the year immediately following the accounting year to which it relates should publish the following information:-

  • All items of expenditure above £100 (where possible excluding VAT) which confirm the date the expenditure was occurred, a summary of the purpose of the expenditure, the amount and the VAT that cannot be recovered
  • End of Year Accounts
  • Annual Governance Statement
  • Internal Audit Report
  • List of Councillors and member responsibilities
  • Details of public land and building assets

Councils subject to the Code should also publish:

  • draft minutes of the council no later than one month after the meeting has taken place
  • the agenda and associated papers for Council no later than three clear days before the meeting to which they relate is taking place

The information specified in the code must be published on a publicly accessible free of charge website

The Clerk/RFO advised the Meeting that all the legislation above is already included in the current Account Books, however there is now the necessity to set up a website which will carry this information.  J. Batho advised that he has obtained a quote from Nantwich Web Design @ £150 to set up and £4 per month to manage.

On the prop., C. Lloyd, sec., Ms R. Spalding, it was agreed that initially R. Hibbert would look at other options to implement this at a better cost structure and a more involved site.  R. Hibbert to report back and if he is unable to find anything better than the offer outlined, then the Clerk will proceed with the initial quote.

The meeting also asked that after the initial set-up, the parish Council should consider including Planning

Applications and a map of the parish too.

  1. Planning Applications:
  2. Results of previous applications;


15/0092N approved with conditions 14-Apr-2015 Audlem (2011)


              Proposal Replace Brick Pointing to the above house, Replace Windows and Replace Rotting Skirting Boards



15/1029N approved with conditions 17-Apr-2015 Audlem (2011)


              Applicant Mr & Mrs Cork 1, PLANTATION CLOSE, ASTON, CW5 8DZ
              Location 1, PLANTATION CLOSE, ASTON, CW5 8DZ
              Proposal Single storey rear extension


  1. Applications received since last meeting: none


  • Applications/Planning matters before this meeting:


Application No: 15/2003N
Proposal: replacement garage and alterations to existing vehicular access
National Grid Ref: 361179 346644


The meeting on the prop., R. Hibbert, sec., J.G. Parkin agreed to support the application


  1. Annual report on activities of the Consolidated Charities of the Parish of Wrenbury: report from

Mrs P. Gregory:-

–           Dole money has been distributed

–           the Charities income remains largely unchanged, and this has allowed for the distribution of the Dole

money + other donations.

–           individuals receiving Dole money is continuing to decrease and anyone with potential new recipients

should give their names to her.  students can apply for some funding


  1. Annual report on activities of Audlem Burial Board: J.G. Parkin reported:-

–           the catchment area now covers the whole of this Parish

–           it is kept in an excellent condition


  1. Police Matters:- the Chairman reported:-

–           3 x RTC in the area

–           1 x attempted burglary of a shed

–           New Speed Gun is now in operation which does not necessitate the stopping of vehicles

–           Latest Speed Check on A530 found 1 vehicle exceeding speed limit

–           New Drug Testing Kit now in operation for motorists


Items from meeting:-

  • Representative asked to raise the visibility when exiting from Sheppenhall Lane, and ask if pressure can be brought to get the hedge cut back
  1. Next Meeting:
  2. Parish Council – Tuesday 23rd June

Meeting closed.

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